Saliva PCR test for travel

Tavel certificate are issued by the Federal Office of Public Health, are valid for all destinations, and can be loaded on the Covid Cert application

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The service is available online or in in partner hotels and pharmacies. The service kits contains a return bag for traceable transport of biological sample to the laboratory. If a test is negative a travel certificate is automatically issued by the Federal Office of Public Health and you receive it by email together with the analysis report. If the test is positive the result is recorded in the databases of cantonal doctors.

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Saliva PCR tests are widely used in Switzerland for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, both for mass screening and for obtaining a Covid Cert pass. Saliva samples are easy, convenient and reliable. They can be taken at the pharmacy, in your hotel room or at home. Samples are sent for analyses by PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) to the MGD SA Laboratory in Geneva.


Does the service run non-stop, weekends too? The answer is yes, most of the time. What day do I have to take the test for it to be valid? Go to FAQ section to understand how the service works. The interactive map made available by the International Aviation Association, also very useful, can be consulted using the "Covid Rules International Travel" button (top of the page).

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We served more than 50'000 international travellers



"We are very happy! We have used the service several times for our family trips to Europe and the Middle East. We have always received our travel certificates as promised. I recommend!"



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"A valuable service to our customers. Eliminates discomfort and saves time for everyone."




"A hassle-free test for hassle-free travel! I'm so happy with how easy it is. Brilliant solution! Will refer everyone I know."

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Because of restrictions travel became stressful. Our mission is to make traveling fun again and keep you safe, by ensuring your Covid-19 PCR test with travel certificate is readily available. With the availability of tests online and in partner hotels and pharmacies in Switzerland, free delivery with tracking, a portal to register the necessary data and order the PCR analysis, complete instructions, information on international travel regulations updated daily, we are continually improving our technology to make testing and travel as easy as possible. This site and the services offered are managed by Primo Medical SA.